About Us

            Creative Wood Masters began nearly 20 years ago designing and building  custom kitchens.  Allen ran a wood shop on a Navy aircraft carrier building small furniture and artistic awards for diplomats, navel & international dignitaries.  Allen remodeled and maintained all the woodwork in the captain's personal boat and has a natural talent for designing and finishing anything you dream up. 


            Allen is a noted artist specializing in wildlife art work and many clients have requested the addition of art work to cabinet door fronts, park benches, and anything where an extra uniqueness is desired.   


            Our shop has over 5,000 square feet of space to accommodate the employees and equipment needed to make any custom woodworking project possible.


         Creative Wood Masters is the leading custom cabinetry establishment in northern Minnesota.  Word of mouth has been our number one method of advertising so we invite you to see why we are number one!

Here are some of our talented employees and the owner, Allen Logelin.


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